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CNBC Europe

CNBC Europe Marketing
CNBC is the leading global 24 hour broadcaster of live and actionable financial information, reporting directly from the major financial centers in Europe, the US and Asia. Globally, CNBC reaches some 175 million homes worldwide, with channels in the US, Europe and Asia. Read more.

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CNN and CNBC Text Service Partner

Available to over 72 million cable and satellite households in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and in 1 million hotel rooms, CNN text is the revolutionary new service that complements CNN's unsurpassed 24-hour television coverage with text-delivered content powered by, available instantly at the press of a button on viewers' remote control.

The only text service designed specifically for the high-income international viewer, CNN text provides a continuous information annex to CNN's television service. Viewers are prompted to switch to text for additional headlines and context during news broadcasts, and directed to specific areas of CNN text for data-intensive content like stock updates and currency rates, weather, travel, and business services.

An integral part of the CNN News Group, CNN text benefits from the speed and scope of CNN's unsurpassed news-gathering resources, ranging from 3,500 news-gathering staff, 22 satellites, 36 news bureaus, and 800 broadcast affiliates.

The web operation at the heart of CNN text's content generation is staffed round-the-clock by 350 journalists and digital technicians, who update CNN's web and text sites anywhere from 90 to 120 times a day

The result is a text service ideal for reaching at least 1.5 million high - income, business-oriented individuals every week, in a targeted and cost-effective manner.


CNN Financial Services
CNN is the pioneer 24-hour global news network, the world leader in news and information, and is, according to Interbrand, one of "the world's greatest brands." As such, it provides an ideal platform for high-value goods and services targeting international, upmarket consumers and corporate customers

For this reason CNN text have launched a Financial Services Directory providing viewers with information on Blue Chip companies offering professional services. For further information on getting involved, please contact Bluestar Communications Ltd.

CNN reaches more Europeans in the top 20% income bracket than any other pan-European news channel (source: EMS 2001).

CNN outperforms all other pan-European news and information channels and niche channels like CNBC and Bloomberg in its reach of finance directors and financial traders. (source: GMCS, 2001)

CNN International Real Estate
The Real Estate Directory was introduced onto the service in 2002 after extensive research to find new products and services to benefit the CNN International business viewer. The directory provides valuable information on carefully selected Real Estate Agents providing professional property investment advice in popular destinations throughout the world.

These Real Estate Agencies benefit from their association with CNN in many ways but primarily by having access to CNNtext’s potential 135 million viewers.

Source Page

A Signpost is the strip along the bottom of an index page or editorial page, which directs viewers to the Source Page. Advertising Page Advertisers may buy a dedicated page, with their own page number. This can have any number of screens (called sub pages), which rotate automatically. Advertising Page is also useful when cross-referring from other media.

A one-third page advertisement which appears on the same page as relevant editorial. There are a number of ways in which CNN text can help advertisers reach their target audience.

An Interleaf is a full-page advertisement, which appears automatically between editorial frames, allowing advertisers to target a specific audience.

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