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CNBC Europe

CNBC Europe Marketing
CNBC is the leading global 24 hour broadcaster of live and actionable financial information, reporting directly from the major financial centers in Europe, the US and Asia. Globally, CNBC reaches some 175 million homes worldwide, with channels in the US, Europe and Asia. Read more.

SMS Campaigns
SMS Marketing Lists
We run the marketing lists EXCLUSIVELY for SMS Universe. This is a comprehensive mobile list of over 3.5m current profiled numbers.
These Consumers have bought a variety of mobile phone downloadable products via advertisements in UK Nationals or via major ISP’s. Click Here for MORE


IBN Select  
Exclusive IBN Select

IBN Select provides the impact of television advertising combined with the flexibility of teletext and the interactivity of the Internet in an attractive, affordable package.

IBN Select allows firms throughout the world a high profile way to put their company in front of Europe’s business and investor elite, with the option of a fully-produced television campaign

IBN Select’s structure is based on these business categories:

Betting Services
Consumer Products
Law Firms
Management Consultants
Management Courses
Real Estate
Professional Services
Recruitment & Events
Each category of business is restricted to just 10* partner companies worldwide. When the quota is fulfilled, the opportunity to be part of this unique promotional platform may be lost.

IBN Select provides partner companies with an exclusive teletext Source Page (e.g. 567). allowing CNBC Europe viewers immediate and direct access to information on their products and services from anywhere on the CNBC Text service. Viewers simply key in the allocated page number on their TV remote control handsets to bring the full-color pages onto the television screen.

As well as a unique Source Page, IBN Select clients also receive a number of Sub-Pages – which rotate at pre-set intervals with the Source Page – allowing them to provide a comprehensive electronic ‘brochure’. It’s like having your web site on-air!

IBN Select is available in many platforms Each IBN Select partner company’s teletext pages can be automatically duplicated on CNBC Europe’s web site where they can be enhanced with photographs, logos and other graphics. Web addresses published on your teletext pages become live hyperlinks when online, providing direct access to your internet site.

You can access the live CNBC Text service – as being watched now by CNBC Europe viewers – simply by clicking on the ‘Live CNBC Teletext’ console on this page. Alternatively, click on the ‘Teletext on the web’ console to view the same service as it appears in html format on CNBC Europe’s web site.

Additionally, IBN Select partners can enhance their teletext and internet presence with a CNBC Europe television campaign. We can create a fully-produced commercial prominently featuring your dedicated teletext Source Page number which CNBC’s viewers can access whilst the advertisement is actually being broadcast on the channel.

Your television campaign can be tailored around CNBC Europe‘s live programming on the European markets every weekday.

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