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"TV advertising agency providing direct digital TV promotion, SMS marketing and new media marketing across CNN and CNBC."

CNBC Europe

CNBC Europe Marketing
CNBC is the leading global 24 hour broadcaster of live and actionable financial information, reporting directly from the major financial centers in Europe, the US and Asia. Globally, CNBC reaches some 175 million homes worldwide, with channels in the US, Europe and Asia. Read more.

SMS Campaigns
SMS Marketing Lists
We run the marketing lists EXCLUSIVELY for SMS Universe. This is a comprehensive mobile list of over 3.5m current profiled numbers.
These Consumers have bought a variety of mobile phone downloadable products via advertisements in UK Nationals or via major ISP’s. Click Here for MORE

Sms Marketing the right way

SMS Campaigns - Why IAAM?

We instantly connect your business to the SMS networks.
Send text messages to your customers, suppliers and staff.

Service Text connects businesses to the SMS text messaging network. We help customers move data.

We have 350 customers, including 40 blue chip organizations. Started in December 1996, we have built a business that became profitable in October 2002, and growing rapidly.

Corporate Text messaging - Our core offering, we provide customers the ability to send messages from desktop software, back end databases, or their intranet/internet sites. For full details, please visit the main web site.

TeamData - Our second product, launching December 2002, this service makes data collection from the field a simple, programming free, process. Simply ask your questions, decide who should answer them, and use our secure web site to manage the process. Visit for more details

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Service Text
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CNN Text
CNN International is an amazing delivery vehical for any campaign
CNN International Marketing Opportunities
We are partnered with The official and exclusive contractors for CNN text worldwide.