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"TV advertising agency providing direct digital TV promotion, SMS marketing and new media marketing across CNN and CNBC."

CNBC Europe

CNBC Europe Marketing
CNBC is the leading global 24 hour broadcaster of live and actionable financial information, reporting directly from the major financial centers in Europe, the US and Asia. Globally, CNBC reaches some 175 million homes worldwide, with channels in the US, Europe and Asia. Read more.

SMS Campaigns
SMS Marketing Lists
We run the marketing lists EXCLUSIVELY for SMS Universe. This is a comprehensive mobile list of over 3.5m current profiled numbers.
These Consumers have bought a variety of mobile phone downloadable products via advertisements in UK Nationals or via major ISP’s. Click Here for MORE

Large prize coverage and jackpot insurance

Big Win Prize Insurance

Cash in and make the competition HUGE!What better way to draw attention to your business, product or service than to offer consumers the opportunity to win prizes of up to £1,000,000 or more by participating in Promotional Prize Games.

Its All About Marketing's Prizes Promotions provide excitement and involvement for participants and create additional exposure for the promoter. Choose from the wide variety of promotion mechanics on offer, and you can be sure, one of them will meet your objectives.

Its All About Marketing
provides coverage of high-value prizes for games, contests and promotions. This enables you to add or upgrade a promotion prize from £5,000 to over £5 million for a fraction of the prize's value - resulting in a high-profile promotion for often less than you had budgeted.

By assessing the odds, we can help you develop games that will match your prize structures and budget. We devise games to ensure that you will have plenty of winners, and when someone wins, Its All About Marketing pays.

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